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Land of TASTE and WINE

The name Valpolicella – land of wine, art and culture – indicates the foothills of the Veronese province between the Lessinia plateau and the Verona plain. Rich in mineral salts, with highly permeable, well-irrigated soils and on slopes exposed to the sun, Valpolicella is the ideal place to grow the grapes that will give life to a sublime wine. The name Valpolicella probably has Roman origins in the words vallis polys cellae, valley of many cellars, proof of the ancient winemaking tradition of the area.

Valpolicella is also considered the pearl of Verona, favored by the sweetness of the landscape and an excellent climate. In its valleys hide villas, rural courtyards, isolated houses flanked only by cypresses and small stone districts


The Roman Villa 


In spring 2019, in the fields north of Negrar, in Valpolicella, in the Veronese area, a stone's throw from our cellar, a  sensational archaeological discovery: a magnificentmosaic floor Roman dating back to1,700 years agowhich, according to archaeologists, dates back to the third century AD.

That complex of precious and colorful elements, preserved under two meters of earth, are shown to the world with the elegance of lost art.  The discovery is exciting: an ancient and precious mosaic floor and the foundations of a Roman villa probably from the 3rd century AD. And so, this precious territory of ours, already visited by lovers of quality wine tourism, has become even more embellished with an ancient treasure to be returned to humanity.

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